First @7 BackTrack Mon-Fri @7 AM – It could be an artist birthday, or a chart topping event. You never know what music gem will be featured.

Breakfast Club Morning Poll  @ 6:20 AM – and all day on line at This is your chance to vote on a variety of topics.

The 2 Second Tune for Mr. Lube in Chilliwack Mon-Wed-Fri @ 7:40 AM – score standard oil changes from the good people at Mr. Lube, Chilliwack.

Classic Clips Every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:40AM – Identify the Classic Movie or TV Clip and win a $25.00 GC to Society Gathering House on Nowell Street in Chilliwack.

Comedy Corner @ 6:20 & 8:20 AM – The worlds funniest people, because we’re not.

The Best of Craig’s List Tuesday @ 8:10 AM – Actual ads ripped from the online pages of Craig’s List. The bizarre, the strange, the simply weird and often for sale.

Life Hacks Thursday @7:50 AM – Because in life short cuts are always better. Life Hack’s features numerous tips and trick to make life easier.



Life Hacks

  • Use a hot glue gun to fasten holiday lights to bricks. The glue won’t damage the brick, and you can rip the lights off in seconds at the end of the season.
  • The easiest way to make hot chocolate is to put a scoop of Nutella in warm milk and stir.
  • Don’t know what to get people for Christmas? Have them make three guesses of what you bought them. You now have three ideas for what to get them!
  • Got a stomachache from eating too many holiday goodies? Hop in the shower and let the water hit your body for fifteen to twenty minutes. Your aching will go away and won’t come back!
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