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March 19, 2019 at 8:15 am - Home, 89.5 The Drive, Chilliwack's Breakfast Club
By Sadie

Ninja Repellent/Entertainment center – California

What makes my Entertainment Center so much more special than others? Aside from the faux wood grain and authentic faux granite looking “stuff” that coats the main section. It does not slice, dice or julienne, but it does have one amazing feature: It acts as Ninja repellent. Take a look at the photos. Go on, look. Not one ninja anywhere. Are those pesky ninjas always in the bushes, trying to assassinate you? Then this my friend is the the furniture for you.

Oh, but I hear your argument already, they are *ninjas*, they would not show up on film. Well I used a high speed camera and at the time there was minimal cloud cover, so I think its safe to say that if anyone could capture the fleeting essence of a ninja mid-attack.

But I digress. After attaining this Center and installing it within the confines of your home you can breathe a sigh of contentment as you can watch the ninjas curse at you from the outside as you revel in the unending Snorks vs. Smurfs marathon you have been dying to hold. Where at its conclusion you can stand, turn to like Russel Crowe as Maximus the Roman gladiator and scream at the unwashed and fetid masses “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED????”

Let me know, I will even help load it. Good luck, first come, first safe from ninjas.

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