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March 14, 2019 at 11:05 am - Home, Great Rides, Morning Poll
By Glen Slingerland

I’m not sure what it is about electric motorcycles but the whole idea fascinates me. I don’t really think of owning one as my main motorcycle, but love the idea of a second commuter bike in the garage that is electric. This would be the bike one uses to run back and forth to work, or maybe those weekend short hops, or just getting around day to day on something a little smaller and easier to handle than the big sport-bagger.

The idea of super low maintenance is also very appealing. Most electric bikes mean no oil, exhaust, gas station stops, or power train maintenance. You’ll never replace a clutch, timing belt, spark plugs, air filter, and the list goes on.

Zero Motorcycles are in Canada, starting at round $10,000 and going all the way up to just over 30,000.00 depending on extras.  Their mid range bike will travel about 288km in the city between charges and about 145 km, between charges, on the highway at 113 km/ph. With the charge tank option you’re looking at a 100% charged in 2 hours at a cost of about $1.61. Imagine being able to fill the motorcycle for a 1.61. Yikes!! To learn more about Zero Motorcycles go here-

Harley Davidson is also coming out with their LIVEWIRE bike next year. They are aiming for a higher end bike and a starting price of around $37,000.

These bikes are lighter and simple to ride. You jump on and go. Sure, those who find joy in changing gears will be disappointed in the instant power and no clutch, and forget about loud pipes save lives. Electric bikes are quiet, just you and the wind.

If you’d like to read more about the LIVEWIRE go here-

Lightening Motorcycles is another electric bike out of the US and with a top end price that is around the same price as the LIVEWIRE. Lightening Motorcycles claim to produce the fastest production motorcycle in the world with a starting price of around $13,000. You’ll find more info here-

If it feels like you’re paying a little more for an electric bike keep in mind, whatever extra you pay for the bike you will probably save in maintenance costs.

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