Motorcycle Breakdown


September 14, 2018 at 11:03 am - Home, Great Rides
By Glen Slingerland

Karen and I have holidayed on motorcycles almost every year since 2009. We have also attended numerous ride fundraisers as well as simple weekend blasts where a person might take a rip up the Fraser Canyon for a little afternoon getaway. Every ride has been problem free, except one. Yes we finally had our first motorcycle breakdown. It was on the highway between Pemberton and Whistler while riding home from the recent Music Therapy Ride.

Now no Harley jokes please, because it was the Harley. Nothing overly serious and if I had any mechanical skills at all I might have been able to McGyver something to get us home. It was the throttle cable somewhere inside the handle grip. It just let go and that ended motorcycle acceleration. It was a Saturday afternoon, around 4 o’clock and we were about 25 K outside of Whistler. The thing that is really weird was the fact that it happened at the exact same spot my friend Don Rutledge got a flat tire on his bike 4 years ago when we were all riding to Barkerville via Lilooet. How bizarre.

It was a good news bad news breakdown. The good news was we were able to get Whistler Towing to come and pick up the bike. The bad news was by the time we got the bike into Whistler and the motorcycle shop, it was a little late in the day and the shop was closed. Coincidence number 2, it was the same motorcycle shop who repaired Don’s tire all those years ago.

Having  Whistler Towing located right behind Revolution Powersports, which I think is Whistlers only motorcycle shop, is very handy, something to keep in mind if you have a breakdown in the area.

The final chapter of our little breakdown was getting home. Karen had never spent two hours sitting on the back on my bike and it turned out to be a very painful experience. Apparently the passenger seat on the Honda ST is made of concrete, not to mention a shortage of leg stretching room.  But hey, we made it home, the bike was repaired and the universe unfolded as it should.






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