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August 14, 2018 at 11:59 am - Home, Great Rides
By Glen Slingerland

Karen and I did the motorcycle holiday a little different this year. We both took a two week block of time off but spread it out.

Week One we headed over to Langdale for two days riding the Sunshine Coast. If you stay on this side of Powel River there are not a lot of places to ride but the few destinations are spectacular.

Firstly, it is important to spend a little time in Gibsons, a town that is still proud of their CBC Beach Combers affiliation. Molly’s Reach is front and centre in the downtown core, along with a lot of great little shops and places to hang out.

After Gibsons you’ll want to make your way down the number 1 to Roberts Creek. This spot is just off the highway and well worth checking out. It has a very small village centre that is a short walk to a spectacular beach. It’s like stepping back into the 70s where everyone looks like a hippy, although it’s pretty much the same in Tofino.

Our Bed and breakfast was just on the other side of Davis Bay closer to Sechelt called the Beach Hideaway. We were on the top floor of this beach side house with an incredible view over the water. If you’re going to click on the link make sure you check out the virtual tour of the Sea to Sky Loft.

Our day ride included Halfmoon Bay, Secret Cove, all the way up to Madeira Park and down into Garden Bay, a very short beautiful ride.

Week Two, after Sechelt and a couple days at home it was back on the road and a ferry to ride to Tofino. I have lived in BC all my life and never ventured to that side of Vancouver Island.

We did a quick stop in Coombes to see the Goats on the Roof, because you have to do that when you’re in the area. Then before heading to Tofino it was down to Ucluelet for lunch. While we were parking the bikes I spoke to the first person I saw walking past us to see if she knew a good place to eat. Turns out Karen recognized her as some she knows through her work. How weird is that? We talk to one person in Ucluelet and it turns out to be someone from Chilliwack.

Tofino was awesome. It was great to spend time in Long Beach watching the surfers do their thing as well as taking a tour to the hot springs by boat and then getting to fly back to Tofino in 4 passenger Cessna float plane.

We stayed at the Middle Beach Lodge in Tofino which is what I would consider very reasonably priced accommodations for the area. A standard room at the Long Beach Lodge runs around 400.0 a night,  Middle beach you’re at about 205.00 a night. The rooms are small but you’re not there to spend time in it, a fantastic continental breakfast each morning and we arrived in time for the Saturday night Crab Feast.

From Tofino we headed down to Lake Cowichan and then over to Port Renfrew. That is a nice motorcycle road, way out in the middle of nowhere. Make sure the tank is full because there is no gas station in Port Renfrew, or at least we didn’t see one.

In Port Renfrew we stayed in a yurt. The lodge  was called the Soule Creek Lodge . It’s a 2 ½ kilometer gravel road to the lodge that is quite steep in places. We were a little nervous going up since it really isn’t meant for a couple of big cruisers. We learned later on that quite a few bikes have made it up the road, but a car or SUV would have been less stressful. If you’re on an adventure touring bike, no problem, if you’re riding a big Harley or a Gold Wing, ride with extra care, because coming down is just as challenging. As a side note, they have decent WIFI at the lodge and no TV or cell service. Actually there is no cell service anywhere in Port Renfrew.

Fantastic weather, wonderful sights and another motorcycle holiday with lots of digital memories.



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