Crash Photos and Vids – Yes or No


July 20, 2018 at 12:13 pm - Home, Great Rides
By Glen Slingerland

Reading and hearing about motorcycle accidents. It is not uncommon to see a post on social media about a motorcycle accident and see that the person who posted the story has included a request for all they’re riding friends to please check in online and or write a comment below the post saying they’re OK.

Last month the CBC reported how the increase in motorcycle accidents has sparked a debate about accidents being posted on line for the world to see. Opinions on this topic are divided. Some believe it is good to make riders aware of the consequences of rider and driver mistakes.

As one of the Admins to the Vtwin Motorcycle School Facebook Page, I don’t post crash photos or videos. Many of them are simply too gruesome. I hesitate to even show a photo of a destroyed bike since we often don’t know what happened to rider.

There are some excellent close call videos where a person actually learns something and the video participants are no worse for the ware. However some of those videos will stop your heart for a second.

Anyone who rides a motorcycle knows it can be dangerous. Some try to lessen the danger by riding defensively, nonaggressive, wear the proper safety gear, and be the best and safest rider they can be. There are enough things out there that are beyond our control so strive to be the best at the things you can control.

How do you feel about motorcycle crash photos and videos in social media? Please take the poll.

Do you make a point of watching or looking at motorcycle crash videos online?



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