Nothin but sore Knees


February 17, 2017 at 10:37 am - Home, nothin' but '70s
By Glen Slingerland

Trevor McDonald is back from his holiday with this piece of advice; never order the Montezuma Taco off the menu at Pedro’s Trot Inn, in Mexico.

Coming up on the Jolly Miller Pub’s nothing but 70s Show you’ll get a refresher in how to record songs off the radio with your cassette player. You really have to be quick to hit record after the DJ stops talking.

Also coming up this weekend the song and artist of the week is an up-tempo little number about the joys of stalking, and his usual look back at other great things about the 70s decade.

“The Jolly Miller Pub’s nothin but 70s Show with Trevor McDonald”, Sunday morning from 9-1 on Classic Hits 89.5 The Drive.

And now the hazards of platform shoes.



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