Music Business 101


September 27, 2013 at 10:37 am - Home, 89.5 The Drive
By Glen Slingerland

89.5 The Drive and Tractorgrease Multi Media Studios are proud to present the 2013 edition of Music Business 101. This is a special no-cost introduction into the music industry by true music industry professionals, and for musicians, bands, or recording artist “wannabees” who are serious about a career in the music industry.

12 lucky entries to Music Business 101 will receive a no cost performance video produced by Tractorgrease Multi Media Studios. A performance video can be the bands to audition for future gigs or as a way to introduce themselves to industry professionals.

The same 12 lucky entries will also receive guidance and valuable insights from the likes of Bob Deith- Music Business Lawyer and Executive Director of Music BC,  from the band Junkhouse, singer/songwriter Tom Wilson and Alan Moy who manages artists such as 5440, Barney Bental and Blackie and the Rodeo Kings.

Music Business 101 participants will be chosen by panel and criteria is based on their music accomplishments to date. To enter simply fill out the form below with a short bio and links to your band or performance website and or  Facebook page.



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